Capacity Building


One of the core objectives of Citizens’ Voice Project is capacity building of the partner organizations for improved performance and project delivery as well as sustained intervention in voice and accountability.

For civic engagement to be effective and its impact to be long-term, civil society groups need to be well-respected. Earning a reputation for integrity requires that civil society groups are transparent and accountable. These qualities depend on an organization’s ability to manage its internal operations professionally, consistent with internationally-accepted standards. At the same time, civil society organizations need advanced skills in advocating for policy and legal reforms and fostering linkages with government and its institutions. In the recent past, however, most development work in Pakistan has been focused towards service delivery and disaster management. Therefore, there is an urgent need to build capacity in policy advocacy and government oversight as well as creating meaningful public-private connections.

Citizens’ Voice Project has therefore developed a comprehensive capacity building component to effectively address these issues.


USAID Citizens’ Voice Project has a dedicated Capacity Building team engaged in devising, arranging and conducting trainings with the help of highly professional trainers. Trainings are held on regular as well as on need basis. Staff and management of partner organizations are invited to attend trainings relevant to their positions and responsibilities.

For details about the trainings, please click the desired link:

Operation Focused Trainings
Program Focused Trainings
Performance Management Plan Workshops (PMP)
Not-for-Profit Management (NPO)