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Where can I find the applications forms and other templates required to submit the application?

What are the main objectives of the Citizens' Voice Project?

Will the thematic areas remain consistent throughout the project life?

What is the geographical coverage of the project?

Are Applicants whose application was rejected in one funding round, allowed to apply again?

Does the Citizens' Voice Project fund service delivery projects?

My organization has an ongoing project on one of the thematic areas. Will the Citizens' Voice Project fund my ongoing project?

How can an NGO develop a public-private partnership?

Can government organizations receive a grant from the Citizens' Voice Project?

Will the Citizens' Voice Project fund research?

Can organizations form a consortium under this program?


Who is eligible to apply for grants?

Who are ineligible to apply?

What are the key prerequisites for an applicant to qualify for a grant?

My organization has a grant from USAID's Small Grants Program and the Ambassador's Fund. Is my organization eligible to apply for a grant under Citizens' Voice Project?


What type of applications can be submitted under the project?

Can for profit organizations apply for grants?

Can an applicant apply for more than one activity/component within the same proposal under Citizens Voice Project?

How can an organization apply?

Are there any deadlines for submitting applications and concept papers?

Do applicants need to have experience implementing donor-funded projects or programs?

How can an applicant track their application?

Can one applicant apply for more than one geographic location in a province?

Can one applicant apply for more than one province in one grant?

Can one applicant apply for more than one themes in one grant?

Can one applicant apply for more than one thematic areas in more than one geographic locations?

What is 'cost share' and how can an applicant include it in its application for a grant?

If my organization was registered recently, but my staff and I have many years of experience, may our new organization apply for a grant?


What are the steps involved in processing an application? Who is involved? Why does it take so long?


Can an organization get a new grant after completion of a grant?

What are 'ineligible' activities under the grants?

Does a grantee have to follow the branding and marking policies?

Are there any branding and marking requirements and what are they?

Can a grant be extended for a longer period of time?

What are the reporting requirements for the Citizens' Voice Project?

Will the unused funds, if any, be returned to the project after completion of a program?

8. Will Citizens' Voice Project monitor program implementation?

Will the grantee be audited by the project?

Can the grant be used for other than approved program activities?

Will the grantee organization be trained in compliance?

What are the consequences of fraud/corruption/embezzlement/misappropriation of grant funds by the Grantee?

The RFA specifies some districts and divisions. How will the project include other geographical areas which are not mentioned in the RFA? .

Will you accept grant applications on themes or in geographical locations that are not mentioned in the RFA?

After a grant is given, is there any role of the Government during the Monitoring & Evaluation of the Project?

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