Grant Cycle 003


We thank all those who have shown interest in the Citizens’ Voice Project or have applied for the first grant cycle.

The applications under the second grant cycle are currently being processed.

The next grant cycle is likely to be announced soon.

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The Citizens’ Voice Project


The Citizens’ Voice Project

Solicitations for Cycle-3 have been closed.

July 05, 2012


RFA Title: Citizens’ Voice Project – Grant Cycle 003


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please refer to the above mentioned RFA, Section A – INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION FORMAT, paragraph 2 – PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, whereby applicants are required to acknowledge receipt of this amendment as a part of their application on the form attached herewith. Please upload the receipt acknowledgement on the project website as a part of your application. TDEA will only advertise any amendments on its project website.

The subject RFA is hereby modified as follows to increase the number of provinces applicable to geographic coverage of thematic area # 2:


Thematic Area # 2: Citizens’ Engagement and Accountability for an Effective Local Government System

Delete sub-paragraph 6, titled “Geographical Focus” in entirety and insert the following:

Applications are invited from Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces. At the least 1 grant will be awarded in each province. Applicants should have a specific geographical focus for public awareness and demand side activities, while simultaneously identifying relevant provincial authorities for advocacy, policy relevant inputs and engagement. Each project should preferably focus only in one of the four provinces.

– End of Amendment –

Citizens’ Voice Project

Cycle – 3 TDEA-CVP-Cycle-3-07-2012


Issuance Date: 01 July 2012

RFA Clarification Questions Due: 13 July 2012, 1600 hrs

Closing Date and Time for Application Submission: 20 July 2012, 1600 hrs Islamabad, Pakistan Standard Time

Subject: Request for Applications (RFA) Number: TDEA-CVP-Cycle-3-07-2012

RFA Title: CVP Grant Cycle 003

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) is seeking applications for grants from all eligible and qualified organisations for funding to support programming in selected thematic areas for its program entitled “Citizens Voice Project” being managed under a contract with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The authority for the RFA is found in the contract number AID-391-C-11-00001 between TDEA and the USAID. TDEA has the Asia Foundation (TAF) and Grant Thornton – Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman Chartered Accountants (GT-AASR) as collaborators in different technical areas of the project. These organisations will also be involved at different steps in the grant cycle.

The purpose of this RFA is to disseminate information to prospective applicants so that they may develop and submit applications for TDEA funding.

This RFA:

(A) describes the types of activity for which applications will be considered;

(B) describes the funding available and the process and requirements for submitting applications;

(C) explains the criteria for evaluating applications; and

(D) refers prospective applicants to relevant documentation available on the Internet.

The successful Applicant will be responsible for ensuring achievement of the program objectives described in Section – C of this RFA. Subject to the availability of funds, TDEA intends to provide approximately PKR 442,000,000 in total funding for the activities outlined in the Section – C.

Profit or fees will not be allowed under the grants to be executed. However, in accordance with applicable cost standards, all reasonable, allowable, and allocable expenses, both direct and indirect, which are related to the grant awards, may be recognised.

Applicants under consideration for an award that have never received funding from USAID will be subject to pre-award responsibility determination exercises of different types to determine fiscal responsibility, ensure adequacy of financial controls.

Applications must be directly responsive to the terms and conditions of this RFA. Eligible organisations interested in submitting an application must read this RFA thoroughly to understand the type of project sought and the application submission requirements and the evaluation criteria.

To be considered for the award, the applicant must provide all required information in its application including the requirements laid down in any of the attachments to this RFA and subsequent amendments to it, if any. This RFA consists of this cover letter plus the following sections which are an integral part of this RFA:

1. Section – A: Instructions for application format.

2. Section – B: Selection Criteria.

3. Section – C: Program Summary/ Program Description

4. Section – D: Pre-award Certifications, Assurances and other statements of applicant/ recipient.

5. Section – E: Annexes

TDEA reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted with or without giving any reasons. Although it is planned to make multiple grant awards under this RFA, it is TDEA’s right to make a single award, make multiple awards, fund parts of an application, or not to make any awards at all. The actual number of awards made under this RFA is subject to the availability of funds, the interests and requirements of TDEA/USAID, as well as the viability of applications received. TDEA also reserves the right to make any final decisions with respect to this solicitation and intends to fund the application(s) which meet the criteria laid down in the RFA, are deemed as most-advantageous for project objectives and provide(s) the best value for money. Issuance of this RFA does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the TDEA or USAID, nor does it commit the TDEA or USAID to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an application. In addition, award of the agreement contemplated by this RFA cannot be made until funds have been appropriated, allocated and committed through internal TDEA procedures.

While TDEA anticipates that these procedures will be successfully completed, potential Applicants are hereby notified of these requirements and conditions for the award. No costs chargeable to the proposed Agreement may be incurred before receipt of a fully executed Agreement.

In the event of an inconsistency between the documents comprising this RFA, it shall be resolved at the discretion of the Chief of Party. It is the responsibility of the recipient of this RFA document to ensure that it has been downloaded in its entirety from the project website and the application is filled correctly/completely and uploaded completely on the project website. TDEA bears no responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission or conversion processes associated with electronic submissions.

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications before the closing date to avoid bandwidth and online system related technological issues. TDEA bears no responsibility if an applicant remains unable to submit the application due to technological errors associated with online system at the closing date. The applications must be received before the closing date & time at the designated website.

All guidance included in this RFA takes precedence over any reference documents referred to in the RFA. If there are problems in downloading the RFA from the Internet, please email for technical assistance.The applicant shall submit applications online in electronic copy by uploading at the project website. Applicants must retain a copy of their application and accompanying enclosures for their records.

By submitting application under this RFA, the applicant certifies that all the information contained in the technical and cost applications, their attachments and all supporting documentation provided with the application or subsequently during rounds of clarifications to the time an award is made are correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. Any misrepresentation or falsification will result in rejection of the application.

Prospective Applicants who have questions concerning the contents of this RFA shall submit them in writing no later than date above to Grants Management Committee (GMC) at by email ONLY. No questions will be answered over the telephone or after questions closing date. Question & their answers will be posted via the “FAQs” section through the project website. Separate modifications will not be issued if a matter is addressed in the FAQs. No questions after the closing date or pre-application conference will be accepted. TDEA has developed processes for open and clear communications with the staff through email and the online grants management system and remains committed to maintaining integrity of the process and while ensuring responsiveness and accountability from within the project. Applicants are also required to appreciate and respect the integrity of the process and support TDEA with this objective. Therefore, any efforts for directly contacting the project staff and going outside the defined processes for any information which is otherwise made available by TDEA through pre-defined regular means may be construed as influencing the process and breach of integrity which may have negative impact on the application.

Citizens’ Voice Project intends to conduct Program Orientation Sessions for applicant organisations and a schedule for the same will be made available on the project website. Please register for these sessions using the guidance provided on the project website.

Applications must be received by the closing date and time indicated at the top of this cover letter. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for award. Telegraphic, hard copy through surface mail/ courier or fax applications (entire proposal) are not authorised for this RFA and will not be accepted. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications much before the end date to avoid any technological issues related to network bandwidth etc. The online system will auto-lock at the end time and will not accept any further applications.

Thank you for your consideration of this TDEA initiative towards a national cause. We look forward to your participation.


Grants Management Committee

USAID’s Citizens’ Voice Project