Thematic areas


These are the priority areas identified by Citizens’ Voice Project for announcing and awarding grants. Each grants cycle may have one or more thematic areas. The thematic areas are carefully decided after assessing where and how interventions by the civil society are needed in the community. Until now, Citizens’ Voice Project has announced 12 grants cycles on the following thematic areas:

Grants Cycle I

1. Energy Sector Oversight and Policy Reforms
2. Improving Water Rights
3. Citizens’ Oversight of Municipal Services

Grants Cycle II

1. Citizens’ Oversight of Effective Legislative Governance
2. Citizens’ Voice and Public Accountability in Tax Collection Sector
3. Education Sector Reforms
4. Advocacy for Strengthening Legal Framework for Non-Profit-Organizations

Grants Cycle III

1. Citizens’ Advocacy for Implementation of 18th Constitutional Amendment
2. Energy Sector Reforms
3. Citizens’ Voice for Strengthening Accountability and Transparency Mechanisms
4. Citizens’ Engagement and Accountability for an Effective Local Government System
5. Advocacy for Implementation of FCR Reforms

Grants Cycle IV

1. Citizens’ Awareness for Higher Female Voter Turnout
2. Citizens’ Voice for Independent, Free and Responsible Media
3. Citizens’ Voice and Accountability for Youth Development
4. Citizens’ Voice for Effective Grievance Redress through the Offices of Ombudsmen

Grants Cycle V

1. Citizens’ Voice for Free, Fair and Peaceful Elections

Grants Cycle VI

1. Citizens’ Voice for Importance of Local Government Systems
2. Citizens’ Support for Transparent and Participatory Local Government Election in KP

Grants Cycle VII

1. Citizens’ Voice for Strengthening Transparency and Accountability Mechanisms
2. Improved Enabling Environment for CSOs
3. Citizens’ Voice for Improved Legislative Governance
4. Improving Governance: Reforming Provincial Public Services in Punjab

Grants Cycle VIII

1. Advocacy for Electoral Reforms

Grants Cycle IX

1. Improved Enabling Environment for CSOs

Grants Cycle X

1. Enhancing the Capacity of Elected Representatives and Strengthening Citizens’ Engagement for Transparent, Responsive, Efficient and Accountable Local Governments

Grants Cycle XI

1. Improving Women Participation in Electoral Process

Grants Cycle XIII

1. Citizens’ observation for transparent and accountable elections in pakistan

Grants Cycle XIV

1. Citizens’ Education and Mobilization for Women’s Voter Registration and Participation in Electoral Processes

Grants Cycle XV

1. Citizens’ Observation for Transparent and Accountable Electoral Processes and Reforms in Pakistan

Grants Cycle XVI

1. Citizens’ Actions for Effective and Participatory Local Governments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
2. Citizens’ Voice for Strengthening Legislative Governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

For geographical details of each thematic area, please click here.